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Myard » Masonry Products » Masonry Retaining Walls » AB™ Aussie Vertical

L: 435mm x D: 240mm x H: 200mm

Product Overview
This vertical retaining wall system with traditional concrete segmental retaining wall blocks is ideally suited to reclaiming sloped land.

  • Horizontal bevels frame block face
  • Premium split face surface texture
  • Specialty corner and block capping units
  • Build your own unreinforced walls to 800mm
  • Suitable for Vertical retaining walls
  • Suitable for Straight or curved garden edging / walls
  • Suitable for Residential walls and retaining walls
  • Suitable for Planter boxes and vegetable patches

Maximum unreinforced height 800mm + Cap (4 courses)

Perfect for

  • Curved Walls
  • Engineered Wall
  • Garden Steps
  • Vertical Walls



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