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L: 182mm x D: 182mm x H: 125mm

Product Overview

Transform your outdoor space with ease using Miniwall® garden blocks! With these versatile blocks, you can effortlessly create straight, curved, or circular walls to add definition and style to your garden. Plus, Miniwall® blocks are perfect for crafting beautiful tree circles that will elevate the look of any landscape.

  • Split face texture on both sides for enhanced visual appeal
  • Simply adhere blocks on top of one another with landscape grade adhesive
  • Creates curves serpentine, straight and even circular walls
  • * Fire Pits – When blocks are min 500mm from flame or a steel insert is used.

Solid wall:  50 units per m²
Semi solid wall: 44 units per m²
Maximum unreinforced height: 500mm (4 courses)

Perfect for

  • Straight or curved
  • Garden Beds
  • Vertical or circular
  • Garden Edge


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