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L: 400mm x D: 280mm x H: 100mm

Product Overview
The most challenging and time-consuming component of constructing any retaining wall is the preparations and base installation. The most crucial component in ensuring the success and final appearance of the wall. By offering a quick and easy approach for building sturdy and level foundations, the Torpedo™ Base Block is the simplest and quickest way to remove the element of guessing from wall construction.

The Torpedo™ Base Block is the easiest and quickest way to take the guesswork out of wall construction by providing a simple and time saving method for creating durable and level foundations.

  • Torpedo™ Base Blocks may replace the need for roadbase and compaction in reinforced walls*
  • Saves money usually wasted burying the first course
  • Torpedo™ Base Blocks reduce challenges with screeding and levelling
  • Suitable for use under any segmental block wall system
  • *The need for compaction and roadbase will be determined by the site soil conditions which must be determined prior to construction.

Perfect for

  • Curved Retaining Walls (Convex)
  • Straight Retaining Walls
  • Curved Retaining Walls (Concave)


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