Landscaping and Pool Approvals

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Before construction of your new landscape design can begin, you must ensure your landscape design is approved by the relevant authority if your design is not applicable under exempt ruling.

If your landscape design is not classified as exempt, you will have to be granted approval via two potential approval methods as listed below.

Myard manage the entire Approvals process so you don’t have to worry

  • Development Approval (DA) – DA Approval can be granted by submitting your landscape design to your local government area. Depending on the design of the project, DA may only be the only approval process available. When DA Approval has been granted, a Construction Certificate must then be issued by the local council or private certifier in order to commence building on site.
  • Complying Development Code (CDC) – CDC Approval can be granted from a private certifier. CDC Approval is the most efficient and cost-effective approval method. When granted CDC Approval, you can begin building on site immediately.

Obtaining approval can be a daunting process and generally incurs many hidden costs. We at Myard are experienced in obtaining landscape and pool approvals and understand the potential costs that are involved. We will manage your approvals from start to finish and provide an indication of the potential costs involved in achieving approval, so you are well informed prior to beginning the process.