Landscape Design

Outdoor Spaces to Enhance Your Lifestyle

Your landscaping and entertainment area has the potential to be more than you likely realise due to the amazing number of products, styles, and options available. Engaging a professional landscape designer will unveil the possibilities your backyard has to offer, to maximise the value of your property and lifestyle.

As professional landscape designers, we focus on your design brief and incorporate our skills and knowledge of landscape functionality, product availability, design aesthetics, construction costs and council/certifier compliance to achieve the maximum potential of your outdoor space.

The value professional landscape plans provide

  • Landscape plans highlight potential construction challenges that will need to be resolved prior to construction beginning on site. In many cases, if a landscape plan is not prepared prior to construction, it will be inevitable that avoidable costs will be incurred, the remaining works will operate inefficiently and possibly not meet your expectations when completed.
  • Landscape elevation plans provide thorough visual detail that illustrate how features in your outdoor space will appear when constructed. These are extremely useful for visualising complex areas with fine detail. Elevation plans will greatly assist in refining your design and can also be used for construction.
  • Landscape plans allow you to manage and breakdown the cost of each element within your design. This ability allows you to control the construction process of the project from a budget perspective if required.
  • Professional Landscape plans are an extremely useful tool for landscaping approval purposes. Structures including decks, pergola’s and retaining walls may require approval depending on the size and details of the structure. Authorities also review the percentage of hardscape surfaces in your design as part of the approval criteria. Creating a professional landscape plan will save you time and money as we incorporate approval requirements into the landscape design to streamline the approvals process as much as possible.
  • Professional landscape plans empower you to control the cost of your project. Issuing your landscape plans for tender to multiple contractors creates a fair quoting opportunity for contractors and provides you an accurate cost that can be compared like for like between all tenderers.