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Incorporating pool into landscape design

Incorporating a Pool Into Your Landscape Design

Lazy summer afternoons by the pool are a dream. Enjoy the warm summer sun and crystal blue water and take the plunge with incorporating a pool into your landscape design. 

MOJO sat down with the team from MYARD Landscape Design to discuss what you should consider when incorporating a pool into your new home landscaping. 

“Incorporating a pool into your landscape design will be an extension of your homes personality making it an inviting place to relax and unwind, done correctly it will enhance the value of your home” says MYARD. 

It’s important to consider some essential key factors such as local council consultations, landscape and pool design, location of your pool and privacy. This will ensure the final look of your pool is, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and consistent with the design of your home.


While you are daydreaming about relaxing in your pool, we recommend you engage with a landscape design company to make sense of the process, that can seem overwhelming.

 MYARD Landscape Design specialise in pool & landscape designs along with an experienced team that can help you understand & manage the approval process including CDCs, DA’s and construction certificates.

“Once you are ready to build, MYARD Landscape Designs will help you create the perfect oasis for your home. Landscape and pool design consultations are a great place to start, their services will include site analysis, conceptual design, construction plan, landscape design and budgeting ensuring it all blends with your existing home design”.

Position of the pool
Charisma 30 on display at HomeWorld Thornton.


“Your landscape design will include key elements such as Location, Location, Location. Ideally you want you pool in the sunniest spot in your garden to maintain a consent temperature receiving around 4-6 hours of direct sunlight per day”. Don’t forget you will be looking at your pool from the inside out, you also need to consider what part of the house you view your pool from. 


The position of your pool leads into the landscape design around your pool. Your landscape is an extension of your home and pool connecting the two together. Design elements like privacy and lighting will enhance your landscape design. 

The position of your pool leads into the landscape design around your pool.
Rhapsody 30 on display at Huntlee.


Privacy can be added in so many ways like using an area of your garden that is not overlooked or utilising your existing fence or hedges is a great way to add privacy to your pool in an organic and cost-effective way. Decorative screens are affordable, they come in lots of different design profiles and are an amazing addition to your pool and landscape design. 
If space is no issue adding a pergola to your pool area will give it that WOW factor, adding style and sophistication not to mention a great place for entertaining family and friends while watching the kids play in the pool.

If space is no issue adding a pergola to your pool area will give it that WOW factor
Tivoli 30 on display at HomeWorld Leppington. 

Ensure your landscaping runs as smooth as your build. Talk to a New Home Consultant about bringing all the elements of your home together today. 

Kerrie Knight

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